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    Clever Metro Group was created by veteran entrepreneur and beauty expert, Christopher Box, as a vehicle to showcase his passion for creating and bringing new product ideas to the market. Christopher has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years.

    Through his connections in the beauty industry, Clever Metro has quickly grown into a collective of several people, products and brands with common interests, goals and ideologies.

    In order to reflect this exciting growth – the name of the company was recently updated from Clever Metro to Clever Metro Group.

    Who is Clever Metro Group? Clever Metro is a group of passionate people that represent and grow cool brands and products.

    Past Projects:

    Diva in a Box | 2005: One of the first tape in hair extension products on the mass market. His ideas and concepts went on to become part of one of the biggest tape in hair extension brands on the market today.

    The Beauty Box Salon  2009: A hair extension salon concept that started with a very modest investment that he grew into one of the best salons in Dallas, TX and one of the top producing hair extension salons in the nation.

    Current Projects:

    Big Kizzy Hair 2017: Big Kizzy Hair was the first concept created by Christopher Box under the newly founded Clever Metro. Created to be a high performance hair care line designed for the unique needs of people who navigate multiple salon services like extensions, color, and keratin. A soft launch was done Spring/Summer 2017 to test the concept. The first offering from Clever Metro was met with rave reviews and continues to grow as a brand to this day

    The Flip Artist 2018: The Flip Artist was conceived as a vehicle to showcase the art of Christopher Box in early 2018. A new website was launched in 2019 and is currently being “moved into”. The site will eventually become an ecommerce site where salons and other art aficionados can interact and purchase his one of kind art pieces.